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The Diabetes Coach

Fitness and Exercise, Diabetes Resources, Nutrition, Recipes & Healthy Eating, Meal Planning, and Weight Management

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My mission is to empower adults to live healthy lives, to help my customers achieve their health-related goals through physical fitness, healthy nutrition and stress management.

Specializing in Active Aging, we will assist you with:

  • Eating Essentials for Vibrant, Active Aging

  • Managing Age-related Changes/Conditions with Exercise

  • Active Aging Tips & Tricks – Rapport & Coaching

  • Top Exercises for Older Adults

Tell Me More...

What is it? 
The Diabetes Coach is one piece of the puzzle in managing your health, whether you live with diabetes or an adult who wants to manage your health to live a fulfilled life.

What does it do? 
The Diabetes Coach helps our customers incorporate physical activity into their weekly routine, be mindful of nutritious food choices, and manage daily stress for optimal health.

What’s in it for me? 
Support!  Studies show that our health outcomes improve when we receive support.  The Diabetes Coach is here to support you in your health-related goals to live life more fulfilled and improve your health parameters.

Physical Fitness Programing

Physical Fitness Programming with an individualized approach:  Building your muscles will improve your blood sugar, help you move better, and keep you stable.  No matter how fit you are or how fit you have been in your life, and with the approval of your Primary Care Provider, Bev will create your custom fitness program that will help you get started and move you closer to your diabetes management goals.  You can enjoy an online group fitness class, or take a weekly, online, one-on-one class with Bev.

Healthy Nutrition Encouragement

Healthy Nutrition Encouragement: If a healthier YOU is your goal, eating nutritious foods and utilizing portion control is a great start in moving toward your diabetes management goals.  Bev will coach you through a healthy eating plan to support and balance your blood glucose control.   You will learn some tips and tricks for avoiding food temptations that can side rail your healthy eating plan.

About Bev

Bev, your Diabetes Coach, is a Registered Nurse (CNO), Certified Diabetes Educator (CBCDE), Certified Personal Trainer Specialist (Canfitpro), and Active Aging Certificate (AAC). Bev also holds a Professional Membership with Diabetes Canada and is a current team member of a Diabetes Education Program located in Ontario, Canada. She actively helps clients who live with Type 2 Diabetes and Gestational Diabetes manage their diabetes daily.

Bev is passionate about motivating clients to obtain their diabetes management goals, live their healthiest life through physical activity, choose healthy nutrition, manage stress, and support the use of medications for blood glucose control.  

Living a life free of diabetes-related complications is Bev’s desire for her clients.

What Our Clients Are Saying

This Program is fun and fits into my busy schedule. I like the variety of exercises, and it’s not dull!
PS - I also like the fact that it is very affordable! 😊
David B.

Helping you reach your goals one day at a time

Our Courses & Plans

Bev, Your Diabetes Coach, has a package plan that is right for you whether you live with diabetes or just want to get fit and manage your health.

Senior Physiotherapy

It’s all about YOU

One on One Online Training

It’s all about YOU: 
Bev, Your Diabetes Coach, will develop an exercise plan for you and coach you every week to move you to your goals.
$50.00/week or $199.00/month and bring your diabetes management, health and fitness goals to life.

Friends Working Out

My Fitness Friends:

Customer Favourite - Fun! Fun! Fun!

My Fitness Friends: 

Bev, Your Diabetes Coach, will lead you in a live 40-minute online weight resistance adult class. 

For only $10.00/session, getting fit, living healthy and managing your diabetes is fun when you have friends to do it with. Join the group and enjoy this weekly session. After the session, we’ll even get some time to chat and share in each other’s successes.


This or That

Helping you make healthier food choices

Chicken Wings, Pizza, Ice Cream, Chocolate, BBQs, Party Food – They all taste great, but are there any healthier alternatives that can satisfy these cravings?

Find out in our series “This or That,” where we look at great-tasting substitutes.

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You and Your Diabetes

Must Have Subscription

Diabetes Connections:

Living with Diabetes can be challenging if you don’t have community connections.  Bev, Your Diabetes Coach, can help get you connected with:

A Diabetes Education Program or Clinic near you

Diabetes Support Groups in your area

Diabetes Canada

Connections to aid in the cost of diabetes management

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How It Works

Bev, The Diabetes Coach, aims to help you along the pathway of optimal health if you are living with diabetes or you are at risk of developing diabetes. 

Start by emailing Bev, The Diabetes Coach, at and answer a few simple questions, complete the PAR Q form online and select a plan that’s right for you. 

With Bev, The Diabetes Coach, staying healthy has never been easier.  Check out our plan options and join today!

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