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Grazing Table

Delicious, Delightful Dinner Series

Grazing Table

Grazing table eating can be a fun, interactive dinner idea that will be sure to draw your family or friends for your next “fun dinner” night! The best part of grazing table eating is how little preparation is involved. You can make it with plenty of high-fiber carbohydrates, lean proteins, vegetables, and gluten-free or vegan options. You can make a smaller version of this during a weekend brunch or lunch.

No unique dishes or serving trays are required for this open concept of eating; foil-lined baking sheets and a mixture of plates and bowls will do just fine.

To make this a nutritious meal, include a variety of fresh-cut vegetables and easy-to-pick-up fruit cut in small serving sizes. Precut your vegetables, and have some low-fat dips you can make from home with seasoning added to unflavoured Greek yogurt to boost that added protein.

Plenty of protein choices can be included, from low-fat cheese options to tofu, lean meatballs, chicken wings, or tuna salad on small pitas. Don’t forget cooked, breaded chicken pieces and of course mixed nuts.

Carbohydrates choices may include multigrain crackers for the added fiber benefit or toasted whole-grain bread cut in triangular or horizontal strips. Avoid processed chips or high-fat crackers to keep saturated fat and sodium levels low.

Try this “fun dinner” the next time you want to change things up and have some fun!

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