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"Serious about weight management? Record what you eat!"

"Serious about weight management? Record what you eat!"

A weight loss journey and weight sustainment can be a road that is both challenging and frustrating with ups and downs around every corner. Keeping a food journal can be a very effective tool to help you understand your eating behaviour and lead you to weight loss and weight management.

Studies have shown that for those who keep a daily food record, almost twice as much weight was lost compared to those who keep no record.

Why does this method work? It helps us understand the "why" behind our problematic eating. We all have varied eating habits, and we often consume foods without realizing why we do. Once you know your habits, you can change your diet to improve your weight.

Food logging or journaling helps you identify what and how much you eat during times of stress, boredom, fatigue, etc. It also enables you to understand how much you eat per meal and snack to help identify where the higher-calorie foods enter your daily eating.

Many apps are available to help you quickly log your food intake. Lose it! MyFitness Pal, Calorie Tracker, MyPlate, and Calorie Counter to name a few.

If weight loss is your goal, or you have plateaued on your weight loss journey, or you want to sustain the weight you have, try food journaling for the win!

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