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Cook Once and Eat Twice

Clever Planning Tips

Eating well and regular exercising can be challenging, and making this happen can be difficult.

Try meal planning.

Meal planning has helped myself and my family eat better, and it takes the work out of the day-to-day grind of figuring out “what are we going to have for dinner?”.

I guarantee that planning meals ahead will make the healthy choice easy.

  • Make a list of favourite dinners: You don’t need to plan every meal and snack. Keep things simple by only planning for 2-3 days to start.

  • Do a quick nutrition check: List 3-4 dinners you enjoy and see how you could improve them. Aim to fill ½ the plate with vegetables and fruit, 1/4 with quality protein, and ¼ with whole grains. Make sure you have a variety of proteins, veggies and grains and make your shopping list.

  • Cook once and eat twice: Prepare extras to save on time and use the ingredients in a different meal the next day. For example, roasted veggies are great in a nourish bowl, on a pizza or combined into hummus or a soup.

  • Aim to have about ten meals on rotation each season: Come up with variety on your list with online recipe ideas. Break out of routine by adding proteins like tofu fish, or try a veggie-packed nourish bowl.

  • Use your list to plan each week’s meal: Consider what’s on sale, what’s in season and how much time it will take you to prepare your meals.

  • Time-saving Tip: Frozen veggies are just as nutritious as fresh! They are a healthy addition to any meal, soup or smoothie! They are conveniently prewashed chopped, and they come in a wide, mixed variety to suit the meal you wish to prepare.

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