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Smash Burger!

Creating a healthy, sustainable beef burger has been my goal as my family and I enjoy a “good beef burger” once in a while, cooked on the BBQ while we enjoy a sunset evening at our family lake house.

As a diabetes educator, I am constantly aware of how important it is to control the sodium and saturated fat in our diet, so naturally making a beef burger healthier is right up my alley. Blending beef with other meats and ingredients is age old, my mother perfected meat blending to feed six kids on a regular basis. My recipe blends 8 oz. of sautéed mushrooms and onions (that I ran through the food processor first), mix with your favorite, low sodium spice blend and 1 lb. of extra lean ground beef. You can use ground turkey or chicken in place of ground beef. Brush a little homemade BBQ sauce after you’ve grilled these to perfection and you’ll have a moist, flavorful burger that will be sure to satisfy!

What are your Smash Burger ideas?

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