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Reset, Revive and Rev

As the summer months start to move to cooler autumn days, our routines change from lazy days to more structured routines with back to school and work routines. Why not use this time to reset some of your health goals too!

Here’s a look at how:

The food you eat:

Eat fresh or frozen, whole, unprocessed food, and don’t skip breakfast. Balance your meals by making sure every meal contains the following:

Vegetables The amount that two hands can hold (Spinach, zucchini, broccoli, salads, soups)

Protein The size of your palm (fish, lean meats, eggs)

Carbohydrates The size of your fist (Whole grains, legumes, high fibre fruit like pears, berries, etc.)

Healthy plant-based fat The size of your thumb (avocado, nuts, seeds)

Water for thirst Drink a minimum of 8 cups of fluid/day, avoid juices and sugared pop.

Exercise: An activity tracker is a good way to think about the quantity of activity you are doing in one day. To achieve those 10,000 steps in a day, consider intentionally walking more by taking the stairs, park furthest from your destinations and walk during your lunch hour.

Sleep: Sleep should represent 1/3 of the hours in a day; however, most of us fail to get the quality sleep we need for our bodies to properly recover and reset. Try avoiding screen time before you sleep, relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and relaxation, caffeine products and aromatherapy.

Resistance Exercise: If you haven’t already started a resistance exercise routine, now is an excellent time to move forward with this goal. Make building muscle strength easy, sustainable and straightforward by joining a resistance exercise class with The Diabetes Coach at signup in “My Fitness Friends.”

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