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Successful Aging

Have you thought about what your life will be like in 20 – 30 years? Most of us make plans for our lives when we are in early adulthood, few of us make plans for our lives in older adulthood. As we age, our brain needs to remain as active as it was when we were young to remain mentally sharp in our elderly years.

Research shows us that maintaining our brain health is key to good cognitive function with the aging process. Staying open to new experiences and maintaining active associations with people are important aspects of keeping our aging brains healthy.

Being aware of how to maintain your health is another important part of aging. See your primary care provider regularly, eat a balanced, varied diet and maintain good sleep habits.

It goes without saying that exercise and movement during our senior years are vital. By including mental stimulation during exercise, we will keep your brain young, because exploring and navigating renew the brain.

Try repeating in reverse your social security number, or phone numbers of your loved ones while you exercise.

Here are a few more suggestions for successful aging:

  • Join a fitness group you enjoy with friends and an opportunity to meet new people.

  • Combine memory-building exercises when you exercise.

  • Concentrating on memory skills and moving your body will further develop neuroplasticity for improved brain health.

  • Consider getting a dog. Being out with your dog provides a natural pathway to a conversation with a neighbour, especially if they have a dog too. If getting a dog does not fit in your life, offer to walk a friend’s dog providing your relationship with the dog is familiar and enjoyable for the dog too.

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