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A Tactical Approach to Win the Battle of Weight Loss.

Most battles in war are hard-fought, frustrating and down-right tricky at times; the same can be said for the struggle of weight loss.

Not losing weight after many failed attempts can wear you down, making you feel defeated to try again. This battle will be better fought with the help of a team of highly specialized tactical forces who are experts in nutrition and food science, and they are non-other than Registered Dietitians.

As regulated health care professionals who know food science better than anyone, Registered Dietitians are on the frontlines, waiting to aide you in your nutrition and weight loss goals. Let’s take a look at what some Dietitians have to say concerning weight loss.

Tactic #1

How do you define weight loss success?

Shift your line of sight to other areas of success, such as choosing more nutritious foods for the majority of your meals. Your results may not show on the scale, but in other areas such as looser fitting clothes, or you have more energy than you had before. Focus on quality of life factors such as mood, sleep patterns, digestion and fitness performance first. “How do your dietary changes impact these areas? “(Wendy Lopez, RD, CDE)

Tactic #2

Your weight scale does not have the last word!

Using only a weigh scale and BMI to determine your progress may not take into consideration your healthy living habits, such as muscle-building workouts that help you lose body fat. “This may result in a shift of (body) composition that is not reflected in the number on the scale” (Bari Stricoff, RD).

Remember that muscle weighs more than fat per lb. Striving to build and maintain muscle is the best strategy to develop strength, energy and mobility further. When we age, we lose muscle, and some scientists say we lose up to 6 lbs. of muscle every decade after 45 years of age!

You can find expert guidance for everyday eating through this bilingual, award-winning website

Connect with a Registered Dietitian through email and phone, ask questions, and get the information you need to make healthy food choices.

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