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Goals Gone Wrong

Well, it's March, three months after we all made those New Year's resolutions and if you are anything like me, you were afraid to make new goals for 2023 because previous years' goals didn't make it past the first quarter. The main reason our goal setting often fails is that the way we set our goals needs a reset. No need to quit moving forward with your goals; it's never too late to rework the plan.

Let's review some adjustments to make your goals more impactful; after all, if you have set them, they are essential to you!!

1. Express Yourself! If you want to lose weight, be specific about how much you'd like to lose, how you'd like to lose it, and how long. Being more specific will channel you in the direction you need to go for your success.

2. High Wire Act! Goal setting requires balance; is the goal too easy or too difficult? Sometimes the more difficult goal leads to better performance. We should be slightly pushed in our efforts yet still feel attainable.

3. Me, myself and I! Our goals need to be accepted entirely by ourselves to affect performance. They need to come from within us. Goals imposed on us by outside sources must be accepted by the goal setter first to be effective.

4. Believe in yourself! "I think I can, I think I can"…believe in your ability; You've Got This!

5. Keep it close! Short-term goals are sometimes best, as they remind us of our ability for long-term goals.

6. How am I doing? Good old-fashioned feedback keeps our perspective on the course.

7. The benefits of a deadline! You know where you need to be and when to get there! Accomplishing a goal takes hard work, discipline and ongoing motivation. Getting a training partner and daily journaling will help you maintain your accountability.

Your goals will lead you to outstanding achievements!

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