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Personal Burnout

We are all moving through a unique time in history when a global pandemic has impacted our lives on many levels. Stress, anxiety, depression, and chronic disease are just a few of the symptoms our society faces due to the impact of the events our world is experiencing.

Now more than ever, we need to think about putting our oxygen masks on first before we can support the important people in our lives.

Self-care strategies have never been more important than they are now.

Here are some strategies to help you avoid the pathway of personal burnout:

1. Make self-care a priority. Carve out time each day for things that matter most to you. Talk about this with your loved ones and friends, and make sure they support you daily in your efforts to care for you. Make sure you attend all medical appointments, and if you take medications, ensure that you follow your prescriber’s directions.

2. Create a weekly plan that includes your self-care. Just like you plan your meals and physical activity, build space in your calendar that provides for self-care.

3. Move more! Remember to move every waking hour. Sedentary time can build up quickly. Set a timer on your phone or watch to remind you to move.

4. Find some green space, and get outside every day for at least one hour. Practice gratitude, prayer and quiet reflection daily.

5. Include a close friend or family member in your plan of care. Ask them to help keep you accountable to your plan.

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